Movia Jolly Ramp

The decision to make this item stems from the strong demand in the market (until now dominated by crafts and "do it yourself" products) for a solid, industrialized, high quality and competitively priced product for the transport of people on dialysis.

This RAMP, made with the highest quality materials and powder coated, is 200cm long and has a walking surface completely in aluminum of only 52 cm, the minimum necessary for transporting the special wheelchair. The external lanes are smooth to allow the wheels to slide smoothly, while the central part is equipped with special punching to ensure optimal grip for the operator.

The capacity is 350kg and once closed the overall height is only 107cm.

VERY LIGHT (only 23 kg!), like all our ramps it is REMOVABLE simply by unscrewing the special wing nuts, thus guaranteeing enormous versatility of the vehicle, which can also be used for other types of services.

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