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The electric step of Fadiel Italiana has been designed to solve the frequent problems that over time compromise the operation of this type of product, due to the positioning under the vehicle floor and the consequent exposure to all adverse climatic conditions such as water, ice, mud, dust etc ..
In the design, the solution with an external container was chosen, covering both the step and all the moving mechanical parts, for greater protection of operation.

Specifically, the improvement design solutions of Fadiel Italiana are:

  • Mechanical friction between the motor and the step gears. This one-of-a-kind solution allows you to mechanically determine the exit force of the step (and therefore safety towards people). In the event of a motor or electrical system failure, the emergency return can take place simply with a manual push by the user equivalent to the predetermined force for the exit, not going to compromise the use of the vehicle / ambulance.
  • Punching of the walking surface, to ensure excellent anti-slip support and at the same time effective removal of all sludge residues that may settle. In fact, in cases of extreme use of the step, such as in ambulances where continuous movement takes place, the holes present are essential for unloading the residues that are deposited on the ground.
  • Electric motor, microswitch and all mechanical parts that move the exit step, positioned in the upper part of the container with sheet metal screen, to guarantee greater protection from water and dirt from the outside.
  • Another unique feature is represented by the cam on the sliding guides of the walking surface, which - by modifying the closing stroke upwards - prevent the entry of dirt, dust and mud through the spaces for its sliding. In addition, the rubber seals at the return of the step are interposed between the same and the container to increase its tightness.
  • Polizene sliders, a very important material in this product as it guarantees a self-lubricating function of the internal seat of the guides, in order to ensure optimal sliding of the step over time.
  • Reinforced aluminum edges, which allow the structure to be much more solid, supporting any torsional stresses thanks also to the 2.5mm thick step case.
  • Holes located in the lower crosspiece of the container to ensure effective drainage of any water infiltrations.
  • Electrical system with external watertight connectors, including the grommet for exiting the electrical cable from the container.
  • Nylon terminals to protect people, located at the two outer ends of the step, printed in yellow for visibility during the day and backlit with LEDs for better visibility even at night or in low light conditions.
  • Container made of galvanized sheet metal, aluminum frame and step. The latter is equipped with a non-slip walking surface with the addition of nylon inserts in order to increase its anti-slip effect even in extreme conditions. All treated with powder coating for greater durability from weathering. The container can also be supplied in stainless steel.

In addition, to increase operational safety, a special electronic control unit has been designed and built to protect the electric motor and with various solutions for use.
In the event of blockage of the walking surface during closing or opening caused by the interference of external elements, the electronic control unit interrupts the power supply of the motor after a period of time, which is rotating empty due to the interposition of the clutch.

The thickness is only 6.7 cm and is available in the following versions:

Width from 45/60/80/110 cm, with a depth of 35cm and a footfall of 28 cm, the result of a continuous updating and improvement of the product, to arrive at a single solution in terms of depth and optimal footfall for every need.


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