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Wheelchair lift LIGHT-LIFT-BP


Wheelchair lift with double electro-hydraulic arms actionable by an operator, with folding platform and automatic movement.

It can be installed inside the vehicle such as cars mono-volume, vans, minibuses, and allows disabled people to overcome the difference in height between the road surface and the floor of the vehicle, or carry out normal operations of loading and unloading of goods.

The maximum allowed load of the BP lift is 350 Kg.

In case of electric malfunction, a manually operated emergency system guarantees the basic operations of the lift.


The frame is made by a special high strength steel and the aluminium platform, ensure a strong structure and a reduced total weight of the wheelchair lift. The weight is 93 Kilograms.


The walkable aluminium platform is punched, that makes it stronger and anti-slip, once closed it does not create any impediment to the vision.


Closed encumbrance is only 35 cm, the minimum protrusion towards the outside allows its positioning very close to the door and, during operations, it doesn’t interfere with the bumper.


Loading and unloading with 2 push-buttons.


1. LIGHT-LIFT-BP 72 x 115 cm
2. LIGHT-LIFT-BP 80 x 126 cm


  • Minimum size and extremely low weight
  • Innovative book opening
  • Entirely aluminium platform and high resistance booms
  • always optimal foothold to different ground slopes

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