Swivel seat

The C400 outgoing swivel seat is an automatic system that facilitates access to the vehicle for disabled people with reduced or impaired motor skills and for elderly people with difficulties in getting on and off the car.

The C400 seat can be installed either in front or behind, on the right or left side of a vehicle according to the user's needs.

The C400 outgoing swivel seat is entirely made of aluminum to ensure a lower load on the vehicle which would lead to imbalances on the homogeneous distribution of the weights causing imbalances in the running of the vehicle and greater consumption and wear (tires, shock absorbers, set-up etc.).

The movements, the mechanisms and the motors have been positioned so as to create a very compact device. The thickness of the base under the seat is only 90 mm. This allows, on most vehicles, to position the aid under the original seat.

Thanks to the considerable extension of the exit mechanisms, the downward travel of 400 mm and the resistance of the materials, it is possible to install the C400 outgoing revolving seat also in vans near the sliding side door.

In the standard version C400 is supplied with a flush push-button panel. On request it is possible to supply a wireless push-button panel.

The C400 outgoing revolving seat is electronically moved and the output is programmable: the system control unit memorizes the position chosen by the user, returning the seat to the same distance every time we perform the mechanism routine and close the door. By reusing the two forward / back buttons, the old memorization is reset by activating the new mnemonic function.

In the "retracted" position, an unlock button allows adjustment of the backrest while, with the door closed, it is possible to electrically adjust the forward and backward translation of the C400.


To facilitate the installation of the rotating base, various installation kits are available such as brackets, bases for widening the seat and mobile guides: in this way the range of vehicles on which the rotating base can be installed is expanded.

NEW 2018

The only seat in the world equipped with the THIRD PROGRAMMABLE AXIS, a function that allows you to draw ideal curves for exiting and re-entering the device on the DRIVING SIDE, reducing time and space for maneuver. This function significantly increases the percentage of vehicles on which this device can be installed.

Latest generation electronics, reclining backrest to face even the most demanding journeys in total comfort.

Slightly diagonal descent to preserve the bodywork during handling.

In line with the production philosophy of Fadiel Italiana, the outgoing swivel seat was created taking into account the highest aesthetic and ergonomic standards, enhancing the characteristics of all makes and models of vehicles.

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