Electro-hydraulic double-arm lift operated by a full-platform operator with automatic movement. It can be installed inside vehicles such as minivans, vans or minibuses and allows you to overcome the difference in height between the road surface and the vehicle floor.

The 80 mm high sides make it ideal not only for the transport of people on wheelchairs but also for the loading and unloading of goods. The maximum capacity of the BI lifter is 350 kg. The walking surface width is 850 mm.

In the event of electrical faults, a manually operated emergency system ensures the basic operation of the lift. The lift resting on the road surface comes out of the vehicle by only 187 cm.


The frame built with special STRENX high resistance steel and the walking surface made of aluminum, guarantee the structure robustness and reduction of the overall weight of the lift contained in only 100 kg. Less weight means less fuel consumption.


The lift is equipped with special rubber shock absorbers that make it the quietest in the world while driving.


The surface in contact with the aluminum walking surface is punched making it robust and non-slip.


When closed, it has a footprint of only 35 cm, the minimum outward protrusion allows its installation close to the tailgate without interfering with the bumper during its movement.


Loading and unloading operations are carried out with 2 buttons.

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