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Duck automatic, semi-automatic and manual clutch


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The duck clutch is a command that enables you to activate the clutch with one movement. The command lets the driver change gears with the lever on the gear knob. By using one finger the driver does exactly what an able-bodied person does using his foot.

The duck electronic clutch servo is the result of sports experiences by internationally renowned drivers who contributed to the development of this product, bringing it to the highest concepts of technology and versatility.

It has three different driving configurations: automatic, semiautomatic and manual. It provides adequate clutch-accelerator progression in each different situation or drive choice (mountain, city, uphill, downhill).

It can be installed on all types of cars, even ones with small engines, equipped with manual transmission. The original clutch function remains unaltered and is deactivated by pressing a button.

It is an alternative to automatic transmission.

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