4-way joystick

We are pleased to officially present the Fadiel Italiana 4-way joystick!

A concentrate of completely Made in Italy technology, the result of the experience and passion of our technicians, designers and engineers, all supported by the latest generation machinery.

A challenge faced with enthusiasm that has led us to be the first and ONLY Italian company to offer this type of technology.

STEERING, ACCELERATOR, BRAKE, all manageable with one hand in complete safety, to reach the goal that has always distinguished us: to allow everyone to drive autonomously and make anyone free to move.

It is a device:

  • Power assisted (in the movement of the joystick, in particular with regard to the rotation of the steering, there is no fatigue in driving)
  • Customizable to the particular needs of the driver (for example, in this device the braking has been set by moving the lever forward, for a safety issue, but it can be reversed as in electric wheelchairs)
  • With double safety circuit (as in aircraft, in case of failure of some components, others intervene that perform the same function)
  • Equipped with feedback system (LCD display with safety systems that display the rotation of the steering and signal any anomalies)

At the same time, the entire Joystick line of Italian Fadiel was also completed, with the updating of the already existing versions of FLYER and PEDAL, the transformation of the Hydraulic Freedom into an ELECTRIC FREEDOM, and the creation of other systems with the 2-way Joystick and the CLOCHE joystick.

The range is completed by a wide range of ergonomic handles that vary according to the customer's needs.

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