BMW Driving Experience and Fadiel

This is an article from "La Stampa" that talks about us and about the event. We are proud of these important results with an exceptional testimonial such as Alex Zanardi who knows our company for years and appreciates it for innovations and for the important solutions for disability.

BMW Italia opens its safe driving courses to people with disabilities thanks to "SpecialMente", the corporate social responsibility program of the Italian branch of the Bavarian colossus. This is a deep integration: the disabled are placed in the same identical courses as the regulars without any difference in the type of activity performed on the track.

Cars for the Advanced Safe Driving Courses dedicated to the SpecialMente participants are set up with electronic control devices made by Fadiel Italiana. There is a Bluetooth wireless satellite accelerator that is worn as a glove and does not disconnect the hands from the steering wheel. Alternatively there is the electronic ring accelerator above the steering wheel compatible with the airbags. For braking, the car is equipped with a hand-operated lever, designed to allow the brake pedal to be used with the upper limbs only.

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